WW2: Battles for Europe

 war room 2

This series tells the story of the war in the West’s most iconic moments: the D-Day landings; the ill-fated airborne operation at Arnhem; the great German offensive in the Ardennes; and the dash to the last bridge over the River Rhine. Each programme conveys the fast-moving life or death nature of one of 8 key battles. In a conflict where boots and winter coats were as important as guns and ammunition, experts will profile the kit of the ordinary soldier, as well as the fearsome weaponry and iconic armoured vehicles. Renowned historians detail the plans and decisions of the generals, and animated strategic maps show us the big picture of each battlefield. Every step is personalised by the testimony of Allied and German veterans who give us a unique insight into the epic events in Western Europe in the final months of the war. 

Broadcaster: ZDF
Genre: Specialist Factual Documentary
Format: HD 8 x 1 hrs
Production Year: 2018
Release Date: June 2019
Executive Producer: Steve Maher, Jonathan Drake
Directed/Written by: Toby Groom
Narrated by: Charles Nove