The Real Jesus of Nazareth



Robert Powell’s portrayal of Jesus Christ in Franco Zeffirelli’s mini series “Jesus of Nazareth” is one of the most remarkable screen performances of the 20th century.  In collaboration with Zeffirelli, Robert represented one of the most important figures in human history, whose teachings have changed our world. His characterisation was designed to be iconic – a divine Jesus that would resonate for all the believers in his audience. Today Robert is returning to this character after 40 years to discover who Jesus was as a man, not the son of God. Speaking with archaeologists, historians and theologians he wants to separate the Jesus of Christianity with Jesus the Jew who lived in one of the most tumultuous periods of Judean history.  

More than just a tale of history and archaeology, Robert will be using his unique gifts as an actor to build a picture of the character of Jesus, speculating on this remarkable figure, while always being guided with the most rigorous contemporary academic research.

Broadcaster: Smithsonian Channel
Genre: Specialist Factual Documentary
Format: HD 4 x 1 hrs
Production Year: 2016
Release Date: April 2017
Executive Producer: Steve Maher, Jonathan Drake
Directed by: Nigel Levy
Hosted by: Robert Powell
Narrated by: Judd Hirsch