The Green Book: Guide to Freedom

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The Green Book: Guide to Freedom tells the story of The Negro Motorist Green Book – a travel guide published by Victor H. Green that helped African Americans navigate safe passage across America during the era of segregation. Written and Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Yoruba Richen, the film looks at the day-to-day realities that African Americans faced on the road prior to the passing of the Civil Rights Act. Detailing the struggles and indignities, but also the opportunities and triumphs hard won through adversity.

Broadcaster: Smithsonian Channel
Genre: Specialist Factual Documentary
Format: HD 1 x 1 hrs
Production Year: 2018
Release Date: February 2019
Executive Producer: Steve Maher, Jonathan Drake
Directed/ Written by: Yoruba Richen
Produced by: Adam Luria
Narrated by: Yoruba Richen